India 2013 Itinerary

This is the plan.

Roughly 2 weeks in the north and 2 weeks in the south.

First half is essentially sorted but once we land in Goa we are planning to beach bum and see how it pans out and slowly go down the coast.

Dear parents and other concerned family members – We have included links to where we are staying (where we know) as proof of our planning competency.. .

July 31st – Land in Dehli at 9.45. picked up by driver from the Hotel Amex

Aug 1stDehli

Aug 2nd FridayAgra – 3 hour train leaves at 7.10 am (12280 Taj Express from HN station) taj is shut on friday! Explore the fort and gardens and sleep

Aug 3rd – sunrise at 5.45 am Taj mahal – then train to Jaipur. Afternoon in Jaipur

4th –  Jaipur – Amber Fort

   5thJaipur –  go to Bundi

6thBundi  -Hoping to catch the monsoon festival here!

7thBundi morning go to Chittogarh for a day trip – In the evening take train to Udaipur go to  Krishna Ranch

8thKrishna Ranch

9th – Transfer back to go to Udaipur

Sat 10th –  night bus to Jaisalmer

Sunday 11thJaisalmer

Monday 12th Aug – Night in Jaisalmer

Tuesday 13th Aug – Transfer from Jaisamler to fly from Jodphur to Goa. Flight at lands at 6. Transfer to Majorde so excited to stay in this place.

Weds 14th  – Majorde

Thurs 15th  – Majorde –>  Hampi? Over night bus/train

Friday 16th – Hampi?

Sat 17th  – Hampi? 

Sunday 18th 

Monday 19th  

Tuesday 20th

Wednesday 21st

Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd

Saturday 24th

Sunday 25th  – Cochi 

Monday 26th  – Cochi We meet our friends Harry and Abbie!

Tuesday 27th  Allepey

                                                                                         Weds 28th Allepey –> Munnar 


Thursday 29th – Munnar

Friday 30th  Munnar

SEPTEMBER Saturday  –  1st  transfer back to Cochi

Sunday 2nd – fly home from Cochi at 6.40 am to Heathrow


2 thoughts on “India 2013 Itinerary

  1. Howard Lewis says:

    Fabia – Interested to hear your observations and glad you are enjoying the trip so far. Your spelling is hugely improved. Did Charlie proof it all before you pressed the send button?! Presently in Las Vegas but heading to Wyoming tomorrow evening. Stay in touch.

    Daddy xxx

  2. Robert Slowe says:

    Thanks Fabs and Charlie. Fascinating account. Puts our heat wave in perspective Keep the blogs coming.

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