Beach and ruins time begins

Bozcaada was the first beach day of our trip. It is an island recommended by lonely planet as a growing destination for a smart turkish sun seekers and wine enthusiasts. We got there after a hunt for the bus from
Canakkale to Giliki where we got a ferry across from. The town is tiny and mostly revolves around a square just behind the sea front. Everything is white and blue washed and everywhere you turned cute alley ways covered in vines with lilac covered tables spiralled off. After fish for lunch we got a bus to the best beach on the island whose name I cannot remember. It was lovely, with loungers to rent and despite being fairly busy, was very quiet. After a few hours lounging we headed back to the main town after a very amusing bus entry conversation along the lines of ‘bus goes to Bozcaada?’ ‘ yes this Bozcaada’ etc as we confused the name of the entire island with that of the town…
After some snacks and a glass of the famous wine which was delish but oh so strong after a month in India, we got the ferry back.

The buses in turkey really are great. The ferry was met each way by a bus to our destination. These little ‘dolmus’ buses are always spotless and have aircon sitting. Going back a bit, our bus from Istanbul had a waiter with a bow tie who handed out free snacks, wifi, and interactive mini TV screens. This six hour bus cost approx £15 so not dirt cheap but very very good compared to a similar distance and service in England!





The next morning we wandered round the harbour in Canakkale to the huge wooden horse used in the film Troy. The old site of Troy lies half an hours drive away but is apparently not as good as other sites in Turkey so we lazily picked a beach day over a trip there. However we may have time to come back for it later!

So then to Permagon, which is the site of the remains of an ancient city complete with theatre hewn into the mountain side and looming pillars. It was pretty sweet.




To escape the stifling afternoon heat we made our way, via another little dolmus, to the nearby beach town of Dikili. Like Bozcaada this busy beach front was wonderfully quiet still, and came with wandering food vendors seeking mussels and sweet corn, and beanbag seats for rent!

Today we are getting the bus to Seljuk – a town which has lots of its own attractions which are however overshadowed by its purpose as the main base for trips to Epheseus – the best persevered ancient city in Europe apparently! Hopefully it will make up for the nagging feeling that missing out troy, which is after all one of my favourite films!

Xx Fabia



India to Istanbul

Hello from Istanbul!

…The Asian side to be exact. We arrived at our hostel (the well known hush moda which is fab) at 11 last night and promptly went to the first restaurant for some kebabs and lots of refreshing melon. We’ve had a lovely morning wandering around getting excited by how calm and full of ice creams the area is compared to our last few days of travelling and the ever hectic Delhi.

Our mission to get here started with a less than pleasant 16 hours bus from Manali to Delhi. Our homestay in Delhi was lovely and we had a much better experience of the city than we did last year. We were only there about 24 hours before we left for the airport, experiencing a final classically indian ridiculous traffic jam. We flew to Kazakhstan and from there to Istanbul. The flights were fine, all ran smoothly but each was 5 hours or so long (we were getting very confused about changing time zones etc) and we were zonked by the time we got to Istanbul.

We are leaving on a bus to Canakkale in a couple of hours and starting a loop of turkey returning back to Istanbul in two weeks to rent a flat with two of my flat mates from this year.

I can’t wait to see more of Istanbul when we do, but in the meantime, bring on the beach!

Here are some photos of our amble around the Asian side. So much food! After buying fresh orange juice, a magnum, and loads of cherries I am very very happy!

Xx Fabia.


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