First stop – Amritsar

So we are in Amritsar pretty much just to see the Golden Temple and then head up to Kashmir.
It is SO hot but no signs of the monsoon in sight! The skies are clear and there is even an occasional breeze. We went this morning at 5.30 to to see the temple for the first time. It sits in the middle of a lake connected by a narrow bridge. All the way around is a marble walk way full of people. It’s a huge site but very simple. I think we caught the end of the morning prayer session. Everyone was so helpful and pointed us towards the place to dump our shoes… The communal eating area… We also had the inevitable photo demands. Not just cute children but entire families.
So after feeling like minor celebs we left. It was only 7am when we got back to the hotel but even that early the heat was exhausting!
After a snooze we headed to a recommended hotel with a bar and wifi. Was heavily looking forward to a cold beer but as we had accidentally forgotten most our money, had a tough decision between that or a coffee and my caffeine addiction won out. We basically copped out of any sight seeing and took advantage of aircon and wifi inside to do some planning for Turkey and kindle downloading.
After being incredibly lazy we ventured back out this evening and were welcomed by a breeze and temperature drop. I excitedly shouted I have not even sweated a single drop yet!!! – as we wandered down the Main Street of the old town. Luckily English speakers are few and far between. To make up for our lack of culture in the day we sampled a sort of deep fried potatoes saucy burger thing from a street stall and made a prayer to the god of travel germs. Families with kids were eating there and the food was being made continuously on the spot which according to the holy grail that is our lonely planet travel guide (semi-sarcastic) means such a spot is a fairly safe bet.

We then returned to see the Golden Temple. It looks completely different at night. I can’t really think of a better description than so shiny and glowy…
Charlie spent ages perfecting his camera settings. As a post oxford well done for surviving gift he has a brand new Cannon dslr and I am already feeling jealous of it.

The beauty of the temple was heightened/ became a bit apocalyptic when huge lightening bolts began appearing in the sky. As the first rain drops began to fall we hot footed it like the cowardly westerners we are to the local Dominoes. Not feeling too good about our hardy travel credentials right now but at least we have pizza.

Tomorrow we are getting the train to Jammu which will also be sweltering but from there onwards we shall be in the cool gorgeous more mountainy areas.