Hello again wordpress,

A couple of months ago my brother found the link to this blog and sent it to me again. I had pretty much forgotten about it (oops) and re-read the accounts of India whilst on the train from work (I have a job now and everything!). A few weeks ago, whilst bored at work, I enquired what a colleague was doing. He was working on a little side project, and suggested I had something on hold too to be more productive and get off Facebook when there was a lull in the office… I also just got back from an amazing trip to Sri Lanka which I had an urge to make a travel diary for my family about. Thus a few things conspired to make me think I should pick this ‘blog’ up again.

A lot has happened since summer 2014, including managing to fit in a lot of travelling despite a full time job.

Between the two of us in this time we have

  • Moved home for 2 years
  • Charlie used time off between further studying to spend 2 months in Israel working for ACRI, and 1 month in Tanzania with Project Raleigh
  • Moved in together in Stockwell (south London) 6 months ago
  • Post teenage and uni glandular fever – who gets this when they are 23 I ask you?!
  • Completed 1 law conversion course and started a training contract
  • Completed 1 grad scheme, gained a boring project management qualification, swapped teams and been promoted twice
  • Accidentally ended up working in technology!
  • Gained a godson

Travel wise together we have been to

  • Cuba (Easter 2015)
  • Israel (Nov 2015)
  • Mexico and Guatemala (Dec – Jan 2015-16)
  • Skiing in Slovenia twice
  • Italy (July 2016)
  • Sri Lanka (Feb 2017)

In addition….

  • I went to Malawi Sept-Aug for 2 weeks with a friend leaving Charlie to finally be the one working whilst the other travelled.
  • As mentioned Charlie spent time in Tanzania and Israel too.

The nearly grownups url may not be good for much longer, as it’s beginning to feel like we may have almost made it.

Some accomplishments and general things we do since we moved into the flat

  • Paying council tax
  • Ironing
  • Sighing knowledgeably at all the ‘generation rent are screwed’ articles
  • Nailing down how to make a fry up in synch in minimum time
  • Watching all of SATC together
  • Attaching things to walls mostly properly
  • Cracking my mum’s bolognese recipe and generally loving cooking
  • Made home made pesticide to save our mint plants from mysterious white bugs
  • Dinner parties
  • Discovered many many new places we love to eat in London
  • Made huge amounts of food to freeze
  • Get ridiculously excited (maybe just me) about buying household things like glasses I like the shape of and easy zip duvet covers from Muji

To be fair, we did a lot of these whilst students, or at least I did in the good ol flat in Farringdon. It’s the combination of this AND paid jobs that feels new!

As with classic social media sharing, it’s easy to just talk about the glowy hurrah look what we’ve done stuff. In this time there has been a lot of rubbish stuff too of course. However on balance, it’s been an extremely good time for us, albeit less so for the rest of the world. We are absolutely the typical Londoners who only knew people who obviously though brexit was obviously madness and had a rude awakening post referendum. As for Trump, I could go browse for my favourite mocking memes of him but I don’t want to ruin my morning.

Perhaps I could now say something cringe and cliche like ‘In these times of division and mistrust, travelling is all the more important’, but we just love travelling and I don’t have any clever or new thoughts on politics.

I plan to gradually write up all the trips we have done since the last travel post, wish me luck!