Our final stop in rajathstan (the nort of India) was jaisalmer- a beautiful sandstone city that seems to rise out of the desert itself. The journey there was far less picturesque, comprising of a 12 hour overnight bus. Our seats had been marketed as ‘sleeper class” but as we were buffeted around our coffin-like compartment we started to think that something may have got lost in translation.. having deeply repressed my memories of bus travel from south east Asia it is hard to measure how the indian experience compared- the latter certainy scores higher in the sense that a Vietnamese air conditioning unit did not explode all over me, but it is not an experience I will be clammering to repeat.

So we arrived into jaisalmer at 830AM in need of both sleep and and a chyropracter – luckily Fabia had booked us a beautiful haveli to stay in. Having rested up all lunchtime we felt strong enough to swap the air-conditione comfort of our hotel and beds for the desert and a camel’s back. We hopped in a jeep and 30 minutes later arrived at the Sam sand dunes. I had never been to a desert before so was really wowed by the dunes. We hired a friendly camel called ‘Michael Jackson’ for an hour and a half and set off the explore the dunes. Michael certainly possessed the dancing hooves of his namesake although trying to get a camel to moonwalk proved a bit too ambitious.. Obviously recognising fabia’s horse-riding prowess, our guide relinquished the reins and we had a great time trotting around. he also proved a worthy competitor in an impromptu sand dune long-jump competition. I emerged out of the sand victorious but with what felt like half of the Sahara caked onto my body. Despite multiple showers and much scrubbing I can still feel like I am shedding sand. I guess all great victories come at a price..

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One thought on “Jaisalmer

  1. No pictures of burned duo ? ! Don’t worry made the same mistake when went to Jamaica and burnt so bad had to stay inside for 2 days while skin blistered and peeled off ! Glad you are taking it easy for few days after your amazing but full on tour of northern India – keep me posted x

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