Too hot in London

This was one of the first days of the current heatwave. Was brave and decided an attempt at tanning was in order. Slightly regretted this when by the evening I was bright red and seriously considering calling in sick to work to avoid the humiliation I would suffer at the hands of my gorgeous part Bolivian friend in my suite (working at Wimbledon). Luckily many freckles have the effect of making me seem less burnt than I actually am, as the red bits are merely the skin behind my 100000000s of browny  merging splodges.

Back in Farringdon we felt it was our duty to explore local park options. Favourite so far is definitely Spa Fields.

However, despite Spa Fields doing a pretty good job of helping us imagine we were in fact in a shady breezy country park, when it is so hot that even a gentle walk brings out a sweat I can’t quite cope.

Exceptions to this are:

1. Sightseeing in a foreign country so am at least partly distracted by the heat/feel it is worth it

2.  Being by a pool or the sea

3. Preferably a combination of 1 and 2.

This is where shady courtyards and iced coffee come to the rescue.

A great thing about Farringdon is that it is so central but in the evenings, and especially the weekends, it is fairly empty. So after a day of hiding inside, in front of a fan and crunching ice cubes (not my most ladylike habit…), you can still feel you are taking advantage of the weather with a nice evening stroll.


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